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    • 英文句子結構

      人類的舉止傾向:〈壓抑批判性的思考能力〉和〈附和群眾〉是很久以前大家就知道的事了。不是,那兩句是不定詞(to+動詞)片語;形容詞片語是指由幾個形容詞或形容詞及其修飾語組成的-例如:Rose is "large and beautiful". 玫瑰花"又大又漂亮"-又大又...

    • 英文翻中文

      ... place if Starbucks gives a free handout, I say go for it. I don't see why people are so critical of this. Give people some incentive, get the ball rolling, and hopefully...

    • 英文total failure

      Where you locate a bookstore is really absolutely critical . There is a cosmopolitan crowd around this area...所以說這地區有 「各色人等」 薈萃。 Let's go the cafe over a cup of coffee. 不是正確英語。 我們可以說...