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  1. go crook

    • ph.
      lose one's temper
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    • draw straight lines with crook

      ...是個說謊者, Jacob是個騙子 An old medieval saying goes something like: "God draws straight lines with crooked sticks."; The meaning is simple… the imperfect...

    • 英文強的可以幫我一下嗎??

      A:What are you going to do with that stack of books by the door? 在... offering a reward for information about the crooks. 我聽說了。警察還提供賞金給提供有關歹徒線索的...

    • 誰能幫我改一下(Of Mice and men)英文作文

      ... love George and he believes in George. When Crook thought George is gone, Lennie cried, “He won’t do it. George...