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  1. go down

    • ph.
      (of a ship or aircraft) sink or crash;be defeated in a contest
    • 釋義


    • 1. (of a ship or aircraft) sink or crash
    • 2. be defeated in a contest
    • 3. (of a person, period, or event) be recorded or remembered in a particular way
    • 4. be swallowed
    • 5. (of a person, action, or work) elicit a specified reaction
    • 6. get worse in quality
    • 7. happen
    • 8. leave a university, especially Oxford or Cambridge, after finishing one's studies
    • 9. be sent to prison
  2. 知識+

    • go down在這裡是什麼意思?

      go down有很多意思,在這裡就只在說:去......地方的意思. If you go down to the lake, you'll find the other...最偉大的發明家 You are going down if you keep wasting your...

    • GO down用法

      go down 可以單用嗎? 還是一定要放到句子裡面? ღ…。…。ღ…。…。ღ ღ…。…。ღ…。…。 ღღ 嗯,也可以單用的。go down/ go along 都含有"沿著"的意思。 如:Go down!沿下走吧! 註解: go...

    • He is going down...文法問題

      第一題: He is going down. 可以指他在走下坡也可以指他某方面的狀態下滑...是修飾主詞.指的是: 往下~~ He is going down. 關係是: 主詞 動詞 副詞 第二題: He...