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  1. go down the toilet

    • be completely lost or wasted; fail utterly
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    • be completely lost or wasted; fail utterly

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    • goes to toilet--滿口語的意思

      他的意思的確是"浪費"~ 也有別種說法, 像 down the toiletdown the drain -------- wash room, bath room, rest room 都是比較有禮貌的說法 我跟朋友的話講法都很隨便, 比較寫真 (像 I need to go pee) going to the toilet 也是種較寫真, 隨便的講法

    • 英文劇情對話>”<急 the bathroom. when the old woman just opened the door and wanted to go out,she was so unguarded that she fell down and was locked in the toilet.) Woman: Oh, shit….. help !……… (after seven ...

    • Chuckin our work out thewindow

      ...(for their homework). I am willing to go out on a limb and say that the English category is the single most abused category in this site...