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    • Colin Macre說過的一句話

      有關您提出的疑問,敝人謹答覆於下: If in doubt, go flat out這句話如rjamesho大所說的,比較著重在後面那一句"go flat out";加上...

    • 慣用語的問題-10點

      ...提供各一個例句: 慣用語:go to the wall 原意:走到牆邊 引申意:全力以赴 ( = go flat out ) 例句:Fewer students are willing to go to the wall...

    • 文法分詞構句問題

      ...5.I was shocked by the bang as a tire on our van went flat because of a piece of barbed wire 此句的as是連接詞,還是介係詞?? went flat...