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    go fly a kite

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    • 請問這兩個英文問句有沒有問題?

      ...狀況下的說法) A: Hey! Let's go fly a kite. B: Sure. We'll find some time... you going to have time to get together and go for a drink or something? or A: When are...

    • Let’s go fly a kite 文法問題

      我們沒有風箏 應該是不能這樣寫 要寫 We don't have a kite. 2009-07-30 23:16:24 補充: 應該沒有這樣的寫法 let's haven't a kite...

    • *英文*句子和單字⊙⊙麻煩摟!

      ...節選的歌詞 雖然沒有用到努力這個字但也表達了其意象 P.S.沒錯go fly a kite就是叫別人滾邊去,去旁邊放個風箏什麼都好 例:If she gets mad...