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  1. go for

    • ph.
      去拿, 去買, 去請;試圖得到; 爭取
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    • ph.
    • 1. 去拿, 去買, 去請

      Go for a policeman. 去叫警察。

      She's gone for some milk. 她取牛奶去了。

    • 2. 試圖得到; 爭取

      I will go for that job if I were you. 如果我是你, 我就要設法得到那個職位。

    • 3. 支持, 贊成

      The public goes for his ideas. 公眾支持他的意見。

    • 4. 【口】抨擊, 嚴厲斥責; 襲擊

      The wounded lion went for the hunter. 這只受傷的獅子向獵人猛撲過去。

      He went for me with a dagger. 他手持匕首向我撲來。

    • 5. 被認為具有(某種價值或重要性); 產生...程度的作用

      His word doesn't go for much. People don't trust him. 他的話無足輕重, 人們不信任他。

    • 6. 對...有好感; 傾心於; 喜歡

      Do you go for rock music? 你喜歡搖滾音樂嗎?

      I don't go much for modern art. 我對現代藝術不很欣賞。

    • 7. 選擇, 寧要
    • 8. 適用於

      What he said about you goes for me, too. 他關於你的一席話對我也適用。

      Britain has a high level of unemployment -- but the same goes for many other countries. 英國失業率很高--但許多國家也如此。

    • 9. 被用作, 充作

      This brush can go for a paintbrush. 這把刷子可以充作漆刷。


    去拿, 去買, 去請

    • ph. 對…有興趣; 從事; 試著做

    • What sports do you go in for? 你喜歡那些體育項目?

      His wife went in for the stage. 他的妻子從事舞台藝術。

    • ph. 做...的保釋人; 為...提供保釋金

    • She went bail for her son. 她把兒子保釋出來了。

    • ph. 【主美】【口】孤注一擲

    • ph. 沒有結果, 浪費; 白費

    • A whole year's hard work has all gone for nothing. 整整一年的辛苦全部化為烏有。

      All her hard work has gone for nothing. 她的艱苦工作盡付東流。

    • ph. 做……的保釋人;為……提供保釋金

    • She went bail for her son. 她把兒子保釋出來了。

    • ph. 參加

    • I am going in for an entrance examination next year. 我明年參加入學考試。

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    • ph.
    • The speaker went for his opponent. 演講者攻擊對手。
    • vt.
      襲擊; 抨擊
    • the two youths went for him 那兩個年輕人揍了他

      go for him, boy! 去咬他,小傢伙!

    • ph.
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