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  1. go from bad to worse

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    • 1. 每況愈下 Now the situation is going from bad to worse in what used to be that country. 現在, 那個國家的形勢更加惡化了。 Under the new management things have gone from bad to worse. 在新的管理人員領導下, 情況反而更壞了。



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      1.The war was going from bad to worse. 為何是用worse...是固定片語. 它是簡化自"from being bad to being worse". go bad 是「連繫動詞+形容詞...

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      ...39;t help but change regular plans, if situation goes from bad to worse .......這個句子,goes from可改成...verb tense is wrong: imaging needs to be changed to “imagine” I...

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      ...不是我的。它屬於你。 5.Under his management,things have gone from bad to worse. 在他的管理下,事情越來越糟了。 6.I hope someday I...