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  1. go from bad to worse


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    • 1. 每況愈下 Things went from bad to worse: she lost her job and then became ill. 情形每況愈下:她丟了工作,接著又病了。
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    • 一些英文文法問題2

      1.The war was going from bad to worse. 為何是用worse...是固定片語. 它是簡化自"from being bad to being worse". go bad 是「連繫動詞+形容詞...

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      ...39;t help but change regular plans, if situation goes from bad to worse .......這個句子,goes from可改成...verb tense is wrong: imaging needs to be changed to “imagine” I...

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      ...不是我的。它屬於你。 5.Under his management,things have gone from bad to worse. 在他的管理下,事情越來越糟了。 6.I hope someday I...