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    • Woman goes to the gym,加es的意思?

      因為Woman是 he she it 裡面的 she ,是三單主 而放在三單主後面的動詞,稱為三單動 所以要加 s , es 或 -y +ies ex: Dad never uses computer after 10p.m. It plays frisbee with its master twice a week. She studies...

    • 口說題目 請幫我回答句子 約15秒~20秒間的答案

      ... than school works, i watch movies, go to gym to work out, to relieve pressure in my head. 2. ...and i love snow, hopefully one day i'll be able to go to north europe to see beautiful snow. 因為不知道你喜歡...

    • 健身的英文單字

      ...怎麼會弄錯呢!!! " 2005-04-13 17:23:50 補充: ... yes, e.g. Are you going gym tonight ? Let's go fot the gym. You must be gyms a lot...