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  1. go in one ear and out at the other


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    • 1. 一耳進一耳出 Anything we told him went in one ear and out at the other. 不管我們對他說什麼,他總是當耳邊風。
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      1.答案是C, take 人 for granted 意思是說你覺得這個人為你所做的事都是應該的,而你從來都不心存感激。所以這句話是說:陳先生一直認為妻子為他做牛做馬是應該的,直到一次生重病需妻子細心照料一星期,(才知道妻子的重要) A) take 人/物 seriously→ 看待....很...

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      ... class usually just comes in one ear and goes out from the other. One day in electronics class, a stupid guy says that...about you? You are very good at predicting questions in the...

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      ..., he can't get a girlfriend. He thinks the girls at his school are shallow. They only care about the surface, and judge people by appearance, fame and wealth. 2009-11-23 13:09:54 補充: 他缺乏自信...