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    • about 921 earthquake..英文高手幫個忙.

      .... I woke up in terror (3) from the noise and because ...violently. I jumped out of my bed, ran into the...avoid getting hurt, we all went to a parking lot in a great...

    • bio biography 自傳 翻

      ...elementary school. 發生台灣社會為之震撼的白曉燕命案. The shocking news of Bai Siow Yen's homicide in Taiwan. 發生可怕的921大地震. The scary 921 earthquake. 參加管樂團...

    • 虹彩六號GBA攻略 幫翻譯 謝謝

      ...躲起來. continue south when the guard goes north past you. 當巡邏兵轉回頭...inside the room 迅速進去, and hide in the south-west corner , 然後躲在... the strings of a new terror network 他正在密謀操控一項新...