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  1. go into

    • ph.
      take up a subject in study or as an occupation;start discussing a subject extensively
    • 釋義


    • 1. take up a subject in study or as an occupation
    • 2. start discussing a subject extensively
    • 3. investigate or inquire into something
    • 4. (of a whole number) be capable of dividing another, typically without a remainder
  2. 知識+

    • 翻譯When you go into a slump,...

      ...也是股市/匯市在「暴跌,請問一個活生失的人類,是如何「暴跌」呢?* go into a slump 是口語使用中很常見的說法,意思是表現不佳/表現失去平常的水準...

    • 中翻英go into details & hand to u

      you do go into detail that's one thing I have to hand to you 您進入是一件事我必須...

    • goes some way into是什麼意思?

      go into 在這裡是「探討」的意思,some way 是指「一點,但不是很深入」。整句的意思是說這篇文章會解釋一點關於 CAN 在硬體和軟體上的應用