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  1. go into action

    • ph.
      投入戰鬥; 行動起來
    • 釋義


    • 1. 投入戰鬥; 行動起來 They all went into action. 他們全都投入了戰鬥。
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      1The policemen went into action ___when they heard the alarm 1quickly 2directly 為什麼不是1 兩個答案都可以...

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      Thinking of not necessarily cans lead the person and doesn't go into the action, if we can contribute some things and strength, help the world to have intention to of expand, isn't better?

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      ...proportional to the force. It talks about action. Now, let's go back to your question: 機械結構的"動作... major). It separates into Kinetics and Kinematics. ...