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  1. go into sth.

    • ph.
      (指車輛)撞到某物上;參加(一組織); 進入某事物
    • 釋義


    • 1. (指車輛)撞到某物上 The car skidded and went into a tree. 汽車打滑, 撞到樹上。
    • 2. 參加(一組織); 進入某事物 go into the Army, the Church, Parliament 從軍、當神職人員、當國會議員 go into banking, publishing, teaching, etc. 從事銀行業、出版業、教學等
    • 3. (指車輛或駕駛員)開始某動作 The lorry went into a spin on a patch of ice. 卡車在一片冰地上打滑了。 The plane went into a nosedive. 飛機開始俯衝。
    • 4. 開始以某方式行動或表現 He went into a long explanation of the affair. 他對那件事長篇大論地解釋起來。 She went into hysterics. 她歇斯底里大發作。
    • 5. 仔細檢查或調查某事物 We need to go into the question of costs. 我們需要研究一下費用問題。 I don't want to go into the minor details now. 我現在不想涉及枝節問題。
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