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    go like the wind

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    • 這段應文可以麻煩幫我翻譯一下嗎?謝謝

      ... times going are going and gone it's gone like the wind that can't stop, but stop not at the bus stop, you i my drop top. 在我的夢裡...

    • 這段翻成英文是?

      我總是來的很急,走得很快I know I always come and gone like the wind.沒辦法給妳任何安心的感覺Unable to offer you security with my absence...

    • 請幫忙翻譯一首英文歌

      ...住我的疼痛 Living without her 而沒有她 I'd go insane我將發了瘋 *重複星星部分:)*(x2) Just a fool to believe 多麼傻,竟然相信 She's like the wind她是風