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  1. go on a trip

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    • 英文~a trip to...20點喔!!

      ...the second term in Canada, I will go on a trip to Alberta. There is a ...34:18 補充: 對了~如果需要 title的話.~~可以寫....A trip to Alberta or A perfect trip to ...

    • 請幫我訂正英文文法~急

      During last summer vacation, I went on a trip to Kenting with my family. .... The next day, we went to the beach for a swim. That was a very nice day...

    • trip的介係詞是什麼?

      ...1. 旅行;航行;行程[(+to)] He has gone on a business trip. 他出差去了。 They took a a trip這句話後面需要再加句子,才算完整!on a trip 解釋為:在一次旅行時同上一句後面要加句子...