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    • 請求翻譯自我介紹~

      ...novel , watches the movie , an excursion and to travels . -> ... novels, going to the movies, and ... so well, I’m keen on learning and I’ll...

    • 請英文高手入內中翻英..謝絕翻譯系統..(20點)

      ...want to share the happiness in my life with you. Since I seldom go out for fun, to me, if i can take an excursion anywhere, It would always be pleasant for me. On April this year, you were the host of the big day out. Remembering...

    • 翻譯-塞翁失馬.焉知非福的故事

      ...son who enjoyed horseback riding. One day his son went riding on this fine horse from the Hu's territory for an excursion and accidentally fell off the horse and broke a leg. So...