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      tell off or criticize someone
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    • he did it the next day,too

      ...向該男同學攤牌...雖然有可能:她可能是自作多情,情荳初開而已!)He went on looking at her all through the class.他(過去某一天開始)在班上整天的上課時間...

    • 警察英文求翻譯 work — no matter what happened at work, it’s not as important as what’s going on at home. 要做好一位巡邏員警,有家庭當後盾是至關緊要的,家庭的甜蜜負擔限制...

    • 有一句英文不知道該如何翻譯

      ... a couple of times to grab a bite to eat and check in on the going ons at top deck. 他走開了2次 去吃點東東 和 去上艙 看看是否一切順利...