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    • 不懂的英文句子請幫我翻成中文意思

      ...time on one's hands = have extra time, have time to spare. 有時間 4.on a roll = have a good thing going, good luck. 好運一直來 late = 遲到 6.stay on track = keep staying in the same field and going...

    • 英文片語造句

      1.set ones heart on(下定決心)  You should set ...不然你父母會為你的未來擔心的。 2.let go of (放下)  Let go of your...吧,做的愈多,只會有更多的怨言 into(巧遇)  Yesterday I...

    • Idioms using time~幫忙訂正

      ... should spend more time on studying. 你應該多花...2006-04-20 11:34:48 補充: 5. running out of time沒有時間了、時間不夠...時間飛逝(times goes by surprisingly quickly) ex. It...