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  1. go on the booze

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    • 1. 【口】酗酒 Her husband goes on the booze again. 她丈夫又不停地喝起酒來。
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    • 有請英文高手幫我改英文日記~^^

      ... an amusement place. My friend and I went to the KTV at midnight. We spent five ...sing songs. Somebody was high on the booze. Everybody had a happy night. ...

    • 一些英文諺語

      ...2. hit the sauce (or hit the booze) - to drink alcohol (usually regularly...that woman began to hit the sauce after her husband...開始酗酒。 3. egg (someone) on- to encourage someone to do something...軍隊一年 就必須離開。 5. go for peanuts - ...

    • 有請英文高手幫我改英文日記~^^

      ... friend and I go to the KTV at midnight. 這句寫的很好, 但是小小的錯誤....不能用 現在式 go 要用過去式 went. 因為這件... were high on booze. 應該是有人喝很多醉了吧? ...