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  1. go on with

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    • ph.
    • 1. 繼續做

      She went on with her reading after supper. 她吃過晚飯繼續讀書。



    • ph. (用以婉言反駁某人或表示不相信)胡說; 去你的吧

    • How old are you? I'm forty. Go on with you -- you don't look a day over thirty. “你多少歲了?”“四十了。”“去你的吧--你看起來絕對不超過三十歲。”

    • ph. 繼續進行某活動(尤指停頓之後)

    • He paused to take a sip of water, and then went on with his story. 他停下來呷了一口水, 然後繼續講(他的事)。

      If we don't finish painting the kitchen today, we can go on with it tomorrow. 要是今天廚房粉刷不完, 明天可以接著幹。

    • ph. 暫敷所需; 足夠目前之用

    • How much money do you need?' £50 should be enough to be going on with. “你需要多少錢?”“50英鎊暫時夠了。”

      I can't lend you the whole amount now, but I can give you enough to be going on with. 我現在不能全部如數借給你, 不過可以給你些應急。

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    • 假設語態用法~ I( ) go on holiday..

      I ( ) go on holiday with Ruth ,but she couldn’t get time off.1.should have2....語氣用法. 若要改寫為假設語氣, 可寫為: I should have gone on holiday with Ruth if she had got time off.

    • 關於三題英文文法問題

      ...) to go on to xxx : 從高中繼續升至大學, 只有to具有指向性, 最符語意. go on with xxx : 以xxx來繼續, 不符. go on in xxx: 在xxx裡繼續, 未必是升學之意, 不符. go...

    • 兩個句子的文法&片語有哪些

      第一句 現在完成式 and 現在進行式 1) share with 2) go on with 第二句 現在式 and 現在完成式 1) find out 2) around the world 3) on the internet