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    go out for

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    • Afterwards和的then 及After用法?

      We went out for dinner. Afterwards, we went to the movies...另外有一種寫法,不是那麼標準,但偶而也可見: We went out for dinner and went to the movies after. 這是把 after...

    • we can go out for drink!是什麼意思?

      we can go out for drink 我們可以出去喝杯飲料 we can go out for a mother 我們可以出去為了"媽媽" 第二個有打錯嗎 ? 翻譯起來很怪耶

    • 英文句型 動詞問題 Verbs uesd

      How about going out for a movie? 英語動詞加 ing 除了當現在分詞,還能...所以 go 就要變成 going 的形式,不能用 go out。 How does going to shopping mall sound? 去購物中心聽起來如何...