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    go out of the way

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    • 英 文 文 法how 的作用

      ... not a place that many tourists go to because it is out of the way 這句的句構錯誤。 應該只能寫成:We... not a place to which many toursits go. 這裡的why是關係副詞,帶出一個名詞子句當介系詞...

    • 幫我翻譯文章 The Power of Nature

      ...or a hurricane from coming. But, we can get out of the way. We can't stop the power of nature, but we can protect our homes or go to places where we will be safe.(298 words...

    • 請幫我回答下列問題(勿功課)20點贈送

      ...The car came towards me at great speed I jumped out of the way just in time. I went back inside. I tripped over my skateboard in the hallway and ...