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  1. go over

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 穿過去 he went over and asked her 他走過去問她 a plane went over 一架飛機從上空飛過
    • 2. 傾覆 the car hit the kerb and went right over 汽車撞在路緣上一下子翻了
    • 3. 受歡迎 his speech went over well 他的演講很受歡迎 to go over big 很成功


    • 1. 參觀 we went over the house with our hosts/the estate agent 我們隨主人/房地產經紀人看了房子 there's no point in going over old ground 沒有必要舊事重提
    • 2. 檢查
    • 3. 回顧 to go over the explanation again 再解釋一遍 she went over the events of the day in her mind 她把白天發生的事在腦子裡過了一遍
    • 4. 打掃 I went over the carpet with the vacuum cleaner 我用吸塵器清理了地毯
    • 5. 超出 don't go over £40 不要超過40英鎊
    • 6. 潤飾 he went over the drawing in ink 他用墨水把圖描畫了一遍