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  1. go overboard about

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      【口】(常作貶義)(對某事物, 某人)極感興趣或過分感興趣
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    • 1. 【口】(常作貶義)(對某事物, 某人)極感興趣或過分感興趣 He goes overboard about every young woman he meets. 他對年輕的女子見一個愛一個。
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    • 英文片語與句子的意思 take a turn for the better 變得更好 go a bit overboard *有點向外面前去 11.When it comes to...仍然有一些小跡象+that… get cold feet about 關於…膽怯了起來 grow at 在…增長

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      ..., but sometimes he goes overboard. there is a line you have to be... new york that Garnett went off on him during a recent game...that stuff. half the stuff you probably hear about me is not even true. ...

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      ..., but isn't this joke a little overboard? A: Right, I... reports about SARS and got ...!! Then I'm gone! See ya!!