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  1. go public

    • become a public company;reveal details about a previously private concern
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    • become a public company

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    • 請英文高手幫忙”一個沒辦法公開的愛人”中翻英

      版主您好: "公開"這個語意在英文中可以用[go public](主動)/[make public](被動)來表達. Don't send...plot_holes_faq/sgbloop_p4.htm+%22+can%27t+afford+to+go+public%22&hl=zh-TW&ct=clnk&cd=7&gl=tw...

    • SPEAK

      ...演講 現在進行時範例, I'm speaking the truth=我是在說真話 Going Public=讓某資訊公開化, 或股票上市 Ex. A popular idol drama actress went...

    • 財務管理英文題

      ...技術) eg. 股票摘牌, 美國證券交易委 員會主席限制股票銷售 (C) Going public establishes a true market value for the firm and ensures that a liquid...