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  1. go round

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 轉動 the tape was still going round 磁帶還在轉
    • 2. 到處走動 to go round barefoot 光著腳到處跑
    • 3. 足夠分發 there aren't enough books/there isn't enough food to go round 書/食物不夠分
    • 4. 繞道 to go a/the long way round 繞行很長的/這條很長的路 we went round via Manchester 我們繞道曼切斯特
    • 5. 去拜訪 to go round to or and see sb. 去看望某人 we went round to Jim's house 我們去吉姆家了
    • 6. 經常在一起 he's going round with a bad bunch 他和一幫壞人混在一起 she's going round with Paul now 她正在和保羅談戀愛
    • 7. 散布 he caught a bug that's going round 他染上了一種流行傳染病 there's a story going round that ... 有傳言說…


    • 1. 圍繞 the belt wouldn't go round me 這皮帶的長度還不及我的腰圍 the rope went round the tree twice 繩子繞樹兩圈
    • 2. 在…到處走動 he went round several companies trying to sell the idea 他到幾家公司遊說他的想法
    • 3. 繞過 the car went round the roundabout the wrong way 那輛車在環島處拐錯了方向