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  1. go through a bad patch

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    • 1. (處於、遭遇等)困難(或不幸、倒楣)的時期 Their marriage has been going through a bad patch. 他們的婚姻正處在困難時期。 Our firm has just gone through a bad patch. 我公司剛遭厄運。
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    • 幫翻譯英文~(我感覺我的心情跌落谷底)

      ...wrong side of the bed today. I'm in a bad mood today. / I'm moody today. 我今天心情不好 I'm going through a rough patch in my life. 我正處於人生的低潮. ...

    • 如何改善英文作文

      ... being nice),but an ostentatious, bumptious, disoriented and poorly-patched fashion as a-lot-to-say-about-nothing English composition that you call 'diary'. ...