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  1. go to seed

    • ph.
      (植物)開花結籽;(人)身體衰弱; 變得無效率
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    • 1. (植物)開花結籽 When a pity you let all those cabbages go to seed. They are no use now. 你讓那些高麗菜都結子了, 多可惜, 它們現在已經不能吃了。 If you do not tend your garden, it will go to seed. 假如你不整理你的花園, 它就要荒蕪了。
    • 2. (人)身體衰弱; 變得無效率 Sometimes a good athlete goes to seed when he gets too old for sports. 一個優秀運動員年紀太大而不參加運動, 有時會喪失活力。 Mr. Taft looks as though he has gone to seed. 塔夫脫先生好像變得體弱力衰了。