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  1. go to the bad


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    • 1. 墮落 The boy went to the bad after his father died. 這孩子在他父親去世後就墮落了。
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    • 急~~~請問英文高手句子是否正確?

      ...queen? --->Will Annie be the bad queen? (與Is Annie going to the bad queen?意思一樣)

    • 英文繪本句子翻譯~

      One day, a wolf drunk, holding a bottle and went to the Three Little Pigs villages trouble bat Big Bad Wolf went home elder sister pig , pig sister wants to extend wolf...

    • if 用法

      ...如果情況真的那麼糟,沒人會想去上學的。 If the situation is really the worst kind, nobody will want to go to school. 如果情況真的已經弄到最糟的地步了,沒人會想去上學的。 不過...