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  1. go to the pack

    • ph.
      deteriorate; go to pieces
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    • Packing Packaging Package 的差別

      Packing: I was packing my stuffs up before going to the airport .我在去機場之前, 我在打包我的東西. (通常有著離開一個地方的意思...

    • What wrong with these sentence

      ...出發的原因。這樣寫會自然一些:Now that I have finished packing my bags, I am ready to go to the airport.第二句有以下的問題:to be going + to go 很重覆,可直接寫成to...

    • 英文問答題

      ...foreign country. (這句題目的英文本身就有問題) 將要出國旅行的程序排列順序。 pack iuggage --> go to the airport --> check in --> Take an airplane --> Fill out ...