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    go to the wall

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    • 幾個英文文章中的片語

      ...敝人謹答覆於下: 1.Lesser brands went to the wall. 請問go to the wall 在這裡是什麼意思? go to the...鉅頭】,算是比較口語的說法。 3.It's the subliminal split second when you choose that product...

    • 我要兩首英文詩

      ...a smooth and swimmy shape, And knew it was a shark. I went to the aquarium, And through a wall of glass, I saw that shark and thought— Oh! ...

    • 主動語態改為被動語態 fax the computer →The computer is going to be fixed by him. (請問一下fax有打錯.... 3. Peter is painting the wall. →The wall is being ...