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    • 書中的英文文法問題

      ...quot;不被看好的..."。 I'd rather hang out with you all afternoon than go back to that train wreck of a rehearsal. 中文:我寧願整個下午,和你出去閒晃,也不願回去參加那個...

    • 幾句英文和中文幫忙翻譯一下!

      weightlifter 舉重選手 1.some have to go to the state of Florida ,but he and his investors...卻在自己的家鄉致富 2.divers were seaching the wreck and bringing up treasur . 潛水人員尋找殘骸卻帶回了寶藏...

    • 幫我找一下這篇短篇的片語10個~拜託拜託~~急需使用~~ once 2.out of 3.for help 4.put out 5.arrived in (the nick of) time 6.rushed into 7.went back 8.called out 9.banged on 10.managed to