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  1. goad into


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    • 1. 驅使;促使 He was goaded by hunger into stealing. 他為飢餓所迫而行竊。
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    • 激將法的英文怎麼講

      prodding somebody into action(刺激某人去做一個動作); goading somebody into action as by ridicule(用揶揄手法刺激.驅使某人去做某動作); urging sombody...

    • 英文單字解釋(20).....點

      ... goading me to fight.他不斷煽動我去打架。They goaded him into doing it by saying he was a coward.他們說他是個膽小鬼,以...

    • The Deerslayer

      ... of disappointment and discontent were thrown into the background, by the fierce resentment of the Panther... of the bereaved widow; and it goaded him to the quick to find his condescension ...