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    • 火雞叫聲狼吞虎咽貪食,發咯咯叫聲
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    • A sentence

      ...文法會愈來愈寬鬆,或許假以時日會有改變~ (A) scratch 抓(癢) (B) gobble (火雞)咯咯地叫,這個字是不及物動詞,在此句根本不和文法。 (C...

    • 中翻英一句:我願是那顆最亮的星,永遠陪伴在你身邊。謝謝

      ...perpetual companion" is gooder for this situation. 2013-04-13 08:03:12 補充: Gobble, gobble - you little chicken dare not to pick what you like. Gobble!

    • 簡短英文段落翻譯

      ...there are other ideas we could shout from the rafters like that gobbles up our time for today. When we couldn`t (have) a leg up on any great...