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    • 非常可怕的,可憎的
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    • 請問誰能用英文介紹宙斯的故事?(急~20點)

      ...supreme ruler. He was Lord of the Sky, the Rain-god and and the Cloud-gather, who wielded the awful thunderbolt. His power was greater than that of all the other ...

    • somebody always says.

      you can tell an awful lot about a person by their shoes. 你可以藉著別人ㄉ鞋子...盒巧克力,你用遠都不會知道下1秒會發生什ㄇ事 if god intended everybody to be the same he'd have given us...

    • 關於eller和an

      ... word begins with a vowel sound; eg:-an awful noise; an elephant; an hour; When putting a or...; an-----anarchy=no govt;--analgesia=no pain,---atheism=no God anonymous---an anonymous donor,----an anonymous countryside,---an anonymous...