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    • 英文的「金字招牌」怎麼翻譯?

      中文金字招牌的意思很廣, 可以指的是公司的商譽, 也可以指明星商品或人物, 因此在英文的說法也不同, 如果指的是公司商譽則用「golden reputation」, 如果指的是商品或人物, 用「star」可泛稱.

    • 可以幫我把中文翻成英文嗎??20點

      第一位是用翻譯機嗎? 看不太懂哦! 以下是我的翻譯. Hello everyone! How have you been? Golden week has come to an end, did you all enjoyed yourselves...

    • 用英文介紹展覽

      Hello, everyone Today I want to introduce is the development of the distillery's 60th anniversary, this is one of the distillery leaflet, this exhibition there are a display of all years of the Golden Gate wine, from the 1950s to the 1990s have, and are discontinued of wine, these wines...