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    • 高爾夫球打高爾夫球
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    • GOLF (高爾夫) 這字怎麼來的?

      ..."! Claim: The word 'golf' is an acronym formed from "gentlemen... the Dutch word kolf as the origin of golf is problematic for a variety of reasons: 1...

    • 15點 英文 關於golf和tennis的different

      1. Golf needs to be played on a large open area because an official game of golf involves the game to be played on 18 different golf fields; each field ranges from 150 to 500 yards.  Where...

    • Have you ever played golf ?!

      Have you ever played golf ?! =你打過高爾夫球嗎? Yes, I play golf a lot= 我打過, 而且常打...