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  1. go by

    • ph.
      (指時間)過去, 消逝;遵行; 依照; 憑...判斷
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    • ph.
    • 1. (指時間)過去, 消逝

      Time goes by quickly on vacation. 假期的時間過得快。

      As time goes by my memory seems to get worse. 隨著時間的流逝, 我的記憶力似乎越來越差。

    • 2. 遵行; 依照; 憑...判斷

      You had better go by the rules. 你最好遵守規則。

      Don't go by that old map. 別參照那張舊地圖。

    • 3. 以…為名

      Many actors do not go by their real names. 許多演員不用真實姓名。

    • 4. 短暫的拜訪

      He was in when I went by yesterday. 我昨天順便看他時他在家。


    (指時間)過去, 消逝

    • n. 【口】怠慢

    • 不理睬,忽視

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    • ph. 在沒有競爭對手的情況下進行

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    • ph. 乘飛機去

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    • ph.
    • Time went by slowly. 時光慢慢流逝。


    • ph.
    • Time went by slowly. 時光慢慢流逝。
    • vi.
    • as time goes by 隨著時間流逝
    • vt.
    • to go by the position of the sun 按照太陽的位置

      promotion goes by seniority 按照資歷晉升

    • ph.

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  2. 知識+

    • anotherday goes by是什麼意思?

      這句話的意思 就是"又過了一天" 例句: 又過了一天,我還是什麼都沒做成. Another day goes by, I still have nothing accomplished.

    • ”Time Goes By”是什麼意思?

      "隨著時間流逝"的意思 ***** 通常放在句首位接下來要講的事情做一個起頭 例如:Time goes by, i am not what i was.(隨著時間的流逝,我已經不是當初的我了)

    • 重新翻譯世界名曲 As Time Goes By

      As Time Goes By 往日時光 You must remember this 你一定要記得...the future brings 不管未來如何 As time goes by 隨著時光流過 Moonlight and love songs...