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  1. good

    • IPA[gʊd]



    • adj.
      好的; 愉快的;優質的; 肥沃的; 精彩的; 上好的; 很好的; 良好的; 很高的; 高雅的; 漂亮的
    • adv.
      非常;很好地; 徹底地
    • n.
      善; 善行; 沒有好下場;好處
    • 比較級:better 最高級:best

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • adj.
    • 1. 好的; 愉快的

      a good joke 有趣的笑話

      did you have a good night? 你那天晚上過得愉快嗎?

    • 2. 優質的; 肥沃的; 精彩的; 上好的; 很好的; 良好的; 很高的; 高雅的; 漂亮的

      it's a good make 這個品牌質量不錯

      a good-quality carpet 高質量的地毯

    • 3. 健康的; 健全的

      I don't feel (too) good 我感覺不(太)舒服

      you don't look (too) good 你氣色不(太)好

    • 4. 有名望的; 體面的

      to make a good marriage 與名門聯姻

      to live in a good area/at a good address 住在富人區/豪宅

    • 5. 流利的

      she speaks good French 她說一口流利的法語

    • 6. 高質量的; 重要場合穿著的
    • 7. 漂亮的

      she looks good in that dress/in blue 她穿那件裙子/藍色衣服很漂亮

      to have a good figure 有迷人的身材

    • 8. 美味的
    • 9. 正派的; 善良的; 良好的

      she has led a good life 她生活得規規矩矩

      the good guys 正面人物

    • 10. 恭順的; 乖的; 馴良的

      there's a good boy/girl! 真乖!

      be a good boy and put your toys away 乖,把玩具整理好

    • 11. 愉快的

      to be in a good mood or humour or temper 心情愉快

    • 12. 可靠的; 令人依戀的

      good old John 可靠的老約翰

      good old Scotland 蘇格蘭故土

    • 13. 有能力的; 稱職的

      a good singer 有實力的歌手

      I'm not a very good swimmer 我游泳水平不太高

    • 14. 有益的

      to be good for sb./sth. 對…有好處

      exercise is good for your health 鍛煉有益健康

    • 15. 好用的; 有效的

      to be good for sth./doing sth. 對…有效

      to take good care of sb./sth. 精心照顧某人/處理某事

    • 16. 合適的; 貼切的

      good sailing weather 適合從事帆船運動的好天氣

      is this a good place to stop for lunch? 可以在這裡停下吃午飯嗎?

    • 17. 順利的; 難得的; 吉利的

      that's good! 太好了!

      the good thing about sth./sb. 某物/某人的優點

    • 18. 明智的; 合理的

      to be a good thing/idea (to do sth.) (做某事)是明智的事/想法

      to have the good sense to do sth. 機智地做某事

    • 19. 親近的

      to be just good friends 僅僅是好朋友而已

    • 20. 有效的; 能用的; 能工作的

      to be good for sth. 有效期為某時間

      my season ticket is good for two more months 我的季票還能用兩個月

    • 21. 出產; 能提供

      to be good for sth. 能負擔

    • 22. 準確的; 準的

      the photo is not a very good likeness 這張照片不太像本人

      the shoes are not a very good fit 這雙鞋不太合腳

    • 23. 充分的

      give the table a good polish 徹底地擦一下桌子

      she gave him a good telling-off 她狠狠地罵了他

    • 24. 相當大的; 相當長的; 相當高的; 相當多的

      she weighs a good 70 kilos 她體重足足70公斤

      he had eaten a good two-thirds of the cake 他吃了整整三分之二的蛋糕

    • 25. 進行; 彌補; 償付; 實現

      to make good 履行

    • adv.
    • 1. 非常

      good and ... 非常…

      we got up good and early 我們一大早就起床了

    • 2. 很好地; 徹底地

      you listen good 好好聽我說

      did I do good, Pop? 我做得對嗎,爸爸?

    • n.
    • 1. 善; 善行; 沒有好下場

      good and evil 善與惡

      to do good 行善

    • 2. 好處

      to do sth. for one's (own) good/for the good of sb. 為了自己/某人好而做某事

      she's a bit too serious for her own good 她太嚴肅了,這對她沒有好處

    • 3. 用處

      what good will that do? 那有甚麼用?

      what's the good (of doing that)? (那麼做)有甚麼用?

    • 4. 能力

      to be not much/no good (at sth./doing sth.) 沒有多大能力/沒有能力(處理某事/做某事)

      I was never any good at (learning) English 我根本不擅長(學)英語


    1. having the required qualities; of a high standard

    2. skilled at doing or dealing with a specified thing

    3. healthy, strong, or well

    4. useful, advantageous, or beneficial in effect

    5. appropriate to a particular purpose

    6. (of language) with correct grammar and pronunciation

    7. possessing or displaying moral virtue

    8. showing kindness

    9. obedient to rules or conventions

    10. commanding respect

    11. belonging or relating to a high social class

    12. giving pleasure; enjoyable or satisfying

    13. (of clothes) smart and suitable for formal wear

    14. used to emphasize that a number is at least as great as one claims

    15. fairly large in number, amount, or size

    16. valid


    「1. having the required qualities; of a high standard」的反義字

    「2. healthy, strong, or well」的反義字

    「3. useful, advantageous, or beneficial in effect」的反義字

    「4. appropriate to a particular purpose」的反義字

    「5. (of language) with correct grammar and pronunciation」的反義字

    「6. possessing or displaying moral virtue」的反義字

    「7. showing kindness」的反義字

    「8. obedient to rules or conventions」的反義字

    「9. commanding respect」的反義字

    「10. belonging or relating to a high social class」的反義字

    「11. giving pleasure; enjoyable or satisfying」的反義字

    「12. (of clothes) smart and suitable for formal wear」的反義字

    「13. fairly large in number, amount, or size」的反義字

    「14. valid」的反義字

    「15. that which is morally right; righteousness」的反義字

    「16. benefit or advantage to someone or something」的反義字

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