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  1. good sailor

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    • 1. (風浪大時)不大暈船的人 He is a good sailor though he seldom travels by water. 雖然他不常乘船旅行, 但他不大暈船。



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    • 可以幫我看一下文法有沒有錯嗎!?15點

      ... just so-called “Peaceful sea cannot accomplish the good sailor. " """ 吶我說大大 我英文程度不太好 可能改了也有點...

    • 翻譯內容有關民間信仰

      ...about her, and she is said to be the protector of fishman and sailors. 有很多關於她的傳說,據說她是漁夫和水手們的保護者。 People usually worship Matsu for good luck and safety. 通常人們祭拜媽祖​​以祈求好運和安全。 2.they are...

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      你/妳好, In the late fifteenth century western sailors duly rounded the Cape of Good Hope for the first time , slowly spreading out across the ...