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  1. goodhearted

    • KK[ˋgʊdˋhɑrtɪd]
    • DJ[ˋgudˋhɑ:tid]


    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • G、L、O開頭的英文單字

      ...的 溫和的 gorgeous 燦爛的 華麗的 豪華的 gracious 親切的 殷勤的 慈祥的 goodhearted 好心腸的 good 好的 great 偉大的 優秀的 美妙的 極好的 godly 似神的...

    • 關於星孩的心得 20點.....急

      The goodgearted woodcutter looks after the star child, but the start child is very selfish and does not appreciate for what them have done for him. Recently, in the society, many parents are too over spoil their children especially...