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    • 友好,親善
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    • give it to goodwill

      Goodwill is a place/store to donate your goods/stuffs, such as your money, ..., they have truck at your neigherhoob for you to donate, just in case you couldn't find Goodwill in your area. Then, Goodwill will collect all the goods/stuffs from people...

    • 顧及商業信譽英文 for sake of goodwill

      顧及商業信譽英文 for sake of goodwill還有其他英文說法表達? for keeping a good name to keep our reputation to maintain our credit standing

    • message of goodwill to US and

      as plans by the Chen Administration to hold a referendum on whether to apply for United Nations membership under the name "Taiwan" has drawn strong criticism from both the United States and China 此時...