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    • 請教英文高手共8題,該如何解釋,謝謝 “Goof off”這句俚語的用法源自美國軍中,它原本是指阿兵哥...的輪子嘎嘎響 = 7. He's spinning on the way.他正在趕路 spin 有多重意義 對車子而言 是...

    • 英文文章翻譯中文~很緊急~

      ...defeat , but you must give a shot and no fooling or goofing around . Let's get start and stop the chatter , maybe take...ll get something useful. Alright! Let's carry on finish. 人生就像一本書, 我們必須用心去學習, 也許會...

    • 急急急 自已小時候的故事 中翻英

      ...a kid, I always loved to play and goof around. (goof around 的意思是亂晃阿之類的你可以選擇不用) 常常在...remember doing a lot at night was that I get on my bike and ride around, seeking for friends...