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  1. goose step


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    • 1. 正步(直腿直膝的步法) Viewers of a military parade especially like to watch women kicking goose steps. 觀賞軍事遊行的觀眾特別喜歡看女生踢正步。
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    • 片段英文翻譯CNN STUDENT NEWS.

      ...phonetics,在新聞中表示拼字(spelling)是依實際發音表示,非正確拼法。 2.) goose up : to take steps to make something appear more attractive 2014-12-14 00:25:24 補充: [修正] 四處橫行...

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      ..., olive oil and cider vinegar. Several easy steps for making it are as follows: First, season the foie gras goose livers well.Second, then mix brandy and assorted...

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      ... the pail. “Come, pig!” Wilbur took a step toward the pail. “No-no-no!”said the goose. “It's the old pail trick, Wilbur. Don't fall for...