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    • non-girlie-man governor

      girlie man=娘娘腔的男人 non=不是 , 非 所以 'non-girlie-man 不娘娘腔的" Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger 稱他的對手們為 girlie-men 作為對照 他大概算強悍(不娘娘腔)的州長

    • Will he run with Governor? 如何解釋?

      Will he run with the Governor? = 他會與州長同國(同流合汙)嗎? Will he run for the governor? = 他會出來競選州長(的位子)? Will he run into the governor? = 他會遇見州長嗎?

    • able a governor的位置疑問

      因為: so able a = such an able People inferred that so able a governor would make a good president . = People inferred that such an able governor would make a good president .   人們推論曰如此能幹的州長將來一定是個好總統