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  1. grab at

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    • 1. 抓取 She grabbed at me, but missed. 她要抓我, 但沒抓著。
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    • boo 噓聲 動詞用法

      ...sandwich before going to the movie. 我們在去看電影之前先去買個三明治 *make a grab at something 用手抓住某樣東西 >>>>take a grub? "grub" 在口語...

    • OneRepublic 網路上的影片所說的話

      ... up to just to happens just something off chance, we can't grab at the first one, umm... well..i just...cut out the story i'll just say...

    • 請問及物動詞跟不及物動詞

      ...動詞的格式:動詞 + 名詞 ( grab a chance ) 不及物動詞的格式:動詞 + 介詞 + 名詞 ( grab at an opportunity )