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  1. gracious me

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    • 1. 天啊!哎呀! Gracious me! It's raining again! 哎呀!又下雨了!



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    • 幫我改正英文 文章,錯誤的地方

      ...electrical engineer who works hard. My mother is a barber and also gracious. My elder sister lives in Chungli, and is smart but lazy. (我稍微...

    • oh my god和oh my gody的差別

      ...offend religious people, they will use oh my goodness! or oh my goodness gracious! I think it is not "oh my gody", because there is NO...

    • 翻譯~安妮藍妮克絲~No more I love you's

      I used to be lunatic from the gracious days 我習慣遠離高尚的日子而變得精神異常...round whistling and fortunes to make me cry) 我找不到我自己 四周巨大的笛聲還有命運使...