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  1. grain alcohol


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    • 關於美容的問題有人可以幫我翻譯成中文嗎?3

      ...tum of alcohol, urea third two alcohol should vegetables oil and mixture, grain of alcohol, belong to the natural materials, but usually all formated by petrochemistry, ...

    • 中文翻英文,急!

      Discovery by incidents: The discovery of the alcohol was someone left fruits and grains too long which got rotten and created the putrefactive fermentation. In...

    • 請問英文問題 句子挑錯

      ...從句,指 people of Taiwan,是人,所以用 who,不是 which 或 that。2. Grains (are used) in the production of (various) alcoholic beverages (and) for making (industrious alcohol). 第四個,industrious alcohol...